Semester Two

For this project I was tasked with making a Three-Dimensional working model of the internals of a Supermarine Spitfire. I used Fusion 360, Twin motion and Blender for this. This model includes the Fuselage of the Spitfire and the Merlin engine.
For the transmedia show, my team was tasked with the entertainment. We decided as a group to make a VR battleships game. In the group there was me another CAD student and a 3D student. Therefore, each of us decided to make a set of battleships for the game with a certain theme. My theme was decided to be World War Two..
The purpose of many pieces of my work is to drive traffic to my website and gain recognition from industry professionals. Therefore, in my portfolio I have included a live copy of my CV.
Click the link below to view the social media action plan. Featured is both a post by post document and the weekly plan.

Semester One

One of the two major projects I have completed this semester is the RSA Project. I designed a solution for Brief 2 'Cultivating Community' which was about bringing people of different backgrounds together through the use of food. Click below to view the development stages of this project from start to finish.
The Group Client project was the second major project undertaken this semester. For this, I and a team of two others worked with The Hospital of St.Cross to create a three dimensional model of the church on the site. I was responsible for the interior. The work for this can be found below.
This task was about the use of Fusion 360. We were given a shape and told to turn it into something using Fusion 360. I decided to use it to be the base of a novelty helicopter engine.
Following the lectures on BIM (Building Information Modelling) we were told to use the concepts and apply them to a dynamic block in AutoCAD. Below is a link to what I have done with this.
I did a case study based on the research for my RSA project. It goes into detail about my methodolgy and findings for the reseacrh. Click below to download the document.
To ask about any projects or to query about services do not hesitate to get in touch.
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