The brief we were given for this task was to create a social media campaign to drive traffic to our websites via social media channels. This would then make it more easy to highlight key work and skills we are developing to potential employers.
For the goals I am setting myself I have broken them down into S.M.A.R.T goals to better structure these objectives to make them easier to understand. This stands for:
  • x
  • • Specific
  • • Measurable
  • • Attainable
  • • Relevant
  • • Time-bound
  • x
  • Goal one is to reach 200 followers by the end of the campaign.
  • x
  • Goal two is to set myself a new project each week. Then to research, build, render and where applicable, animate the project, then post on the channels.
  • x
  • Goal three is to build up a profile and gain a small following of at least 10 followers on Linkedin.
  • Click below to download and view the full social media action plan.
    As shown in my weekly plan above, the two main channels I will be using are Instagram and Linkedin. I believe Instagram will be the most effective. The reason being that the hashtags are very effective at driving attention to your profile. I can also monitor this using the built in analytics feature. Linkedin is my secondary channel as it is much more professional, however it is difficult to gain attention on.
    The timings of my posts became increasingly more important through the duration of the campaign. I found the best time to post to achieve maximum reach was about 11:00am in the morning. I believe this was because this is just before when people were going on their lunch breaks and looking at their social media. As my website analytics show my audience is almost all British, this applies to most of my audience, therefore this time became the standard for my posts.
    I wanted the content of my posts to reflect my ability in as many areas of CAD as possible. Therefore, I began to set myself small projects to do during my free time in this semester to show my ability in these areas. The main areas were both Architecture and Engineering.
    Was my campaign effective? In short, No. I was somewhat underwhelmed at the drive of traffic towards my website and page at the later stages of the campaign. I expected the first few to be low however the later posts I wanted the reach to be around 500 per post and to have got to 100 followers. However, I did not manage either.
    This graphic shows the traffic to my webpage in the last 90 days from Google Analytics. You can clearly see the spikes in traffic at reasonably even intervals. These spikes occur every time a new post goes up as the audience is given a fresh piece of work and link to the portfolio page.
    The social media campaign has Influenced my work massively. One way is that I have learned that many of my users are visiting my pages on a laptop rather than a phone therefore I can tailor my website to be better for these users. As well as this, I have began to get an insight of what people like to see. I found that posting architectural / interior content drives a lot of users to my webpage. Therefore, I made the entire subpage (architecture and interior) based on this.
    This graphic shows my actual increase of followers against my self set goal for followers. As you can see it is below the target line towards the end of the campaign. I believe this is because my posts were not regular enough to grow a following fast. However, I wanted to prioritise quality over quantity and it takes time to make each post. Therefore, perhaps given more time the followers line would meet the goal line.
    In Conclusion I believe that my social media campaign had limited sucess. The reason being that my expected followers finished quite far below the expected growth of followers. This has a knock on effect on everything as I also wanted to see a growth in the reach of posts, but this is not possible with fewer followers. Therefore, I have not met objective one. However, I have met my second objective as I did complete a new project every week, and post it, therefore in terms of the second objective I have succeeded there. I did also meet the third objective by building up a profile on LinkedIn and have gained a small following and have followed people from the industry I want to build connections to.
    To ask about any projects or to query about services do not hesitate to get in touch.
    Made with Love and Caffeine By Matt Nugent