For this project, myself and a team of two others worked with The Hospital of St.Cross to create a three dimensional model of the church. I was responsible for the interior, whilst the other two did the exterior of the building. After visiting the site and taking a collection of reference photos, we agreed we all needed to work to the same scale and therefore used the same old reference photo from the archives to work from.
I then began the lengthy task of building each component from the reference photo and putting them in place on the floor plan. I decided to use Fusion to do this again as it is what I am most comfortable using. This decision did come back to bite me later on in the process however.
I set about making the churches most unique components for example the organ (on the left). Here you can see the first challenge I ran into which was with rendering. As there was so much ray tracing to compute, the render times where massive. Therefore the images appear grainy.
The one way i could get around this problem was to use the fast rendering setting in Fusion which does not grain up the picture. The image on the right displays a fast render. Although fast, it look much more like something from a video game rather than a photo. I used this setting for most of the renders to come as the images appear too grainy otherwise.
To make the renders look better quality, I included depth. I achieved this with blur, and setting a center of focus to make the render look like it was taken more from a camera. An example of this is displayed on the left. Things not in the immediate center are out of focus.
Another method I could have used to speed up the creation process would be importing assets from external sources like Thingiverse. I chose not to do this however, as this way I could custom build everything to as close as possible to how St Cross actually looks.
The Roof came with its own complex architectural challenges as well. The roof was split into sections, and those sections were split into 4 complex curved faces. These were very difficult to achieve with polygon modelling as they curve through three planes. Therefore I used the sculpt tool to surface modify a face to fit into the frames.
Overall I am pleased with my work on the interior of the church. Despite the fact that I didn't have the computing power to texture the insides with actual colour.