PROJECT ONEThe Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

March 2020

Software used

  • Fusion 360
  • Blender
  • Twin motion

Full Rear Suspension

The aim of this project was to become more familiar with different kinds of mechanical motion. The reason being previously I have only really covered rotary and reciprocating motion. I built this using Fusion 360s component and assembly features. This allows me to see how the movement will work in reference to how other parts are moving instead of animating it with key frames.

Following getting the motion right I applied the textures and decals using fusion 360. I then animated this in both blender and Twin motion to see how it would look in the two different renders. The results of this are visible in the 19/20 highlight reel.

Rear End

Assembly Movement

Full Render



April 2020

Software used

  • Fusion 360
  • Blender

Twin CAM Engine

I saw this project as more of a technical challenge. As it included lots of difficult pipe work. For the most part of this pipework I used Fusion 360s pipe sculpt command tool. This allowed me to create them in a low poly format then change it to the smooth finish you see here in the final render.

The for the final colouring of the bike I did something slightly different. I created a poll on the Instagram I have developed for my social media campaign to decide the colouring of things and then go with the most popular vote. The final render you can see in the 19/20 highlight reel on the home page.

Engine Close up

Rear Hub

Full Render

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