Lake House

Dissertation Research Project

The aim of this project was to create a house which I could vary the amount of nature that was incorporated into the design. These images would then be put to the public in a survey and they would have to say what they thought the changes had done to the value the difference between their initial and inputted value being a good indicator of how effective they thought the said change was.

Full Solar Array
One of the most key natural systems to incorporate was a full solar array. This is the system people are most familiar with and therefore I expected fairly accurate estimations when it came to adding this. The Solar panels and anchoring system was built in Fusion 360.
Air purifying Moss wall
moss walls are an emerging trend in current architecture in the current battle against climate change. Sometimes referred to as vertical gardens they offer air purifying quality's along with adding to a building natural aesthetic.
Modern Interior
I not only wanted to investigate nature incorporated on the outside of buildings but also in interior as well. Therefore I went about creating an interior that I could apply the same process to. I build the kitchen In Fusion then exported to Twin Motion to render it in the house.
Green Roof
Green roofs are another architectural trend that is becoming more commonplace as time goes on. More commonly seen in cities the purpose is to absorb heat and reduce the heat island effect in built up areas where a lot of concrete is present.
Variable Materials
The last exterior change I wanted to apply to the house was changing the materials it was constructed out off. for this I replaced the original cast concrete it was made out off and used wood from the surrounding area for a more natural finish. Timber is a renewable resource and therefore very eco friendly.