Built using the latest techniques and innovations

This project was a revisit of a personal project I undertook about this time last year. The idea was to put a massively oversized engine into the mini to offset its classic car look and bring it right into the 21st century. I did not want to change much about the look of the car as I believe its styling done by Alec Issigonis still holds up today.

Bigger and Better
As mentioned before the purpose of this project was to illustrate just how far my CAD design skills have come within one year. Therefore, it was important to me that I spent more detail on almost every aspect. Within the model I am most proud of the tyre walls. For these I created my own bump maps in Photoshop and had to use, for the first time the UV editor in Blender to correctly map these onto the wheels.
Meet the Engine
The engine of the Mini revisit is a straight 4 Cummins engine. I have rear mounted it in the boot of the car and then straight piped the exhaust out the back of the car. The struts run all the way from the surrounding structure of the body of the Mini and are then bolted onto the oil pan and the bottom of the engine body. The transmission was recycled from my Boxer cart. This mean I had to create an adapting flange to fix the housing of the gear box to the one surrounding the flywheel.