Built using the latest techniques and innovations

For my final major project I decided to give myself the brief of creating a car which was capable of travelling at 200mph. I wanted to create all the basic components myself inside and out so that everything would be able to work if it were hypothetically manufactured. This brief therefore serves a dual purpose of creating standardised parts to use for vehicle design in the future as if I spent a lot of time on them now it would save me time having to do it again in the future. As well as serving as key practice in creating intricate parts from an engineering perspective.

The Mach 1 main feature is its engine. The engine is a turbocharged 5 litre v8. I designed every component myself by creating a physics equation to substitute values into, to then see how they would effect the total force of the engine then used the best values for my engine dimensions.

In order to ensure that the engine was built correctly I carried out physical tests using Fusions built in component joints feature. This allowed me to see the engine and valves working and then make adjustments based on how they would physically run. The results of these tests are displayed in the development section below.

Meet the Engine
This is the final front render of the engine I created for this project, visible here are the timing belts which are necessary to relay the rotary motion produced by the pistons to other external components necessary for good engine performance and endurance like the alternator and fuel pump.